Pam Turner, inventor of the side threading needle.

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Pam's Original
Spiral Eye side threading needles
Close up of the spiral eye side threading needle eye
Spiral Eye Needles have a unique "slot and channel"
opening on the side of the eye.

The "stop bump" inside of the channel portion locks
the thread inside of the eye.
See video of threading a side threading needle.
  • Made in America

  • 100% stainless steel

  • Hypoallergenic (nickel free)

  • Comes in a wide variety of
    sizes and types

  • This is THE premium
    needle. It is popular with
    those that want American
    made products, are allergic
    to nickel, or who do a lot of
    specialty sewing projects
photo of 3 Spiral Eye side thrading needles in thread
Pam's SENCHTM side threading needles
(SENCH stands for Spiral Eye Needles made in CHina)
SENCH side threading needles are a simplified
version of the Spiral Eye Needle, making them less
expensive to manufacture. They are the perfect option
for the casual sewing person. If you just want to put
on a button, mend a hem or embroider a towel...this is
the perfect set for you.
SENCH side threading needle
    An economical option for those who just
    want to mend or do simple embroidery.

    Made in China

    Nickel plated steel with gold eye

Click to see how to thread a side threading needle:
Pam's side threading machine needles
YES....I have side threading machine needles!
Unlike the existing "handicap" or "Easy thread" machine needles, the
Spiral Eye's patented side opening with its slot and channel will not
come unthreaded as you sew matter how fast you stitch!
photo of side threading sewing machine needle
Spiral Eye side threading machine needles are sold
in sets of two identical size 80/12 Universal needles.

Perfect for medium weight projects, like mending and
making quilts
The Spiral Eye Needle logo and name are registered to PST Innovations, LLC.
The SENCH Needle logo and name are owned by or registered to PST Innovations, LLC

PST Innovations LLC
P.O. Box 428 Circle Pines, MN 55014
Spiral Eye(R)  side threading needles

Never struggle to thread a needle again!
Patent # US 8,151,720 B2
Patent # Canada 2,755,302
Patent # Europe 2,406,419
Compare Open Eye Needles
Compare the eyes of these self-threading needles

  1. The original open eyed needle threads from the top. It is also called the "self threading"
    or "French Spring eye" or "Calyx eye". It comes in variety of sizes and points.
  2. SENCHTM needles thread on the side of the eye. It comes in a variety of sizes.
  3. Spiral Eye(R) Needles thread on the side of the eye.(Made in America) It comes in 16 sizes.
  4. "One Second Needle"TM, sold by Telebrands, threads on the side of the eye and is a
  licensed version of the "Spiral Eye Needle."  It only came in two sizes. It is discontinued.

What is wrong with the Calyx-eye?

    The Calyx eye (AKA "French Spring eye" or "self threading needle") was invented in
    1850. It has the opening located at the end of the eye portion of the needle.

    This opening in the end of the needle was intended to allow you to thread it. It is created
    by splitting the bridge at the top, which creates rough edges that can shred your thread
    when threading it.

    The original Calyx eye needles only have one eye opening. The two eyes, as seen in the
    picture to the left, is created by putting a bridge under the top eye to give it the
    "spring" to keep it shut when it is threaded.

    The bottom eye is actually not an eye at all, it is a result of putting that bridge in.
    Even with the bridge, the threads come back out when sewing if you tug much at all.
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