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Spiral Eye Needles are no longer available wholesale.

You can order the SENCH brand side threading needles wholesale here.

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SENCH side threading needles
24 sets of SENCH side threading needles
Each set contains 6 side threading needles, 2 of each size.
Perfect for mending, burying threads,and  embroidery work.

Retail price: $10.00 each
Wholesale: $7.50 each
Minimum order: 24 sets of needles
Wholesale extended price: 24 sets for $180.00
Wholesale - 24 sets of six SENCH needles
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Spiral Eye(R)  
Side Threading Needles  
patent # US 8,151,720 B2
Patents pending in Canada, Europe, and China
Never struggle to thread a needle again!
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Brewer Sewing
 Notions Marketing
United Notions

Or you can order 24 sets of 6 wholesale direct from me below