6 1/2" long needle
Slip your 6 pound test line into this Spiral Eye Needle and then sew the needle and line through the length of your bait. Pull the entire needle out the other end of the bait, leaving your bait to move naturally in the water.
Spiral eye (R) fish baiting needles are
sharp stainless steel needles with the
patent pending side threading eye.

This allows you to easily slip your
fishing line (that is attached to your
rod) into the needle's eye.

You then "sew" the fishing line through
the length of the bait and to remove
the needle.

This positions the line to attach the
hook at the part of the minnow that the
larger fish is going to bite.

The fish baiting needle can also be
used to thread the eye of your hook if
the eye is over .032" in diameter.

It is 6.5" long.

Fly fishermen have used it to capture
their line off a spool with the side
threading eye.

Others have used the SE-1 needle to
thread their line through the eye of a
painted jig.
What is a Fish baiting Needle?
Spiral Eye(R)  
Side Threading Needles  
patent # US 8,151,720 B2
Patents pending in Canada, Europe, and China
Never struggle to thread a needle again!
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