Not sure what size Spiral Eye Needle you want? Here are some tips:

Just looking to mend or put on a button?
The Basic set of three above has what you need for most situations.
The size SE-8 is the smaller needle. Use it for finer materials. Not intended for lace or elastic materials.
If you only want one needle, get the SE-6 It is the work horse needle and can do the most basic tasks.
The SE-4 has a slightly larger opening to the eye for heavier threads, such as button upholstery threads.

Are you looking for a needle for cross stitch or needle point?
You want a Tapestry needle. This means it has a blunt point and a larger eye.
If using Aida Fabric, the thread count of the Aida is the clue to the needle you need.
8 Ct Aida calls for a size 20 Tapestry Point needle.  SE-20T  It holds size 5 Perle Cotton.
11 Ct Aida calls for a size 22 Tapestry Point needle.  SE-22T  It holds size 5 Perle Cotton.
14 Ct Aida calls for a size 24 Tapestry Point needle.  SE-24T  It holds size 8 Perle Cotton.
16 Ct Aida calls for a size 26 Tapestry Point needle.  SE-26T. It holds size 12 Perle Cotton.
If you are doing a project with craft yarn on plastic grid, you want the SE-13T

Are you looking for a sharp needle to embroider on pillowcases or that can hold Perle Cotton thread?
The size of the thread you will be working with determines the size needle you need.

If you work with two or three strands of Embrodiery Floss, you need the SE-6

Perle Cotton size 8 will fit in the SE-24C and the SE-22C.
The SE-24C is popular for people who want a sturdy needle for burying threads and other things.
The SE-24C is also good for doing redwork and projects that use metallic threads.
The SE-24C can also hold up to 6 strands of Embroidery Floss.
The SE-22 is good for doing French Knots in 11 Ct Aida.

Perle Cotton size 5 will fit with the SE-20C and SE-18C.
The SE-20C is smaller than the SE18-C.
If you want a needle to make the smallest hole but hold the size 5 Perle Cotton, go with the SE-20C
The SE-18-C is popular for working on canvas projects. It is a large needle but not as large as the SE-13C..

Quilters have special needles.
TheSE-8Q is similar in size to a 9 Between. Because of the open eye design, doing the rocking quilt stitch is
not recommended with my needles.
TheSE-8 is great for doing piecing sewing on bindings and putting in hems.
The SE-6 does most any task. Quilters like it for the same things as the SE-8 as well as for general mending.
The SE-24C is perfect for burying threads. It is also great for basting with Perle Cotton size 8.
The SE-13C is popular for using yarn to tie your quilt together.
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OR: get a set of the SENCHTM side threading
needles. They are similar in size to the set of three
most popular Spiral Eye
(R) side threading needles.
You get six needle in a set of SENCH needles. The
eye is a bit simpler and it is made in China, but for
basic tasks it works well
Spiral Eye(R)  
Side Threading Needles  
patent # US 8,151,720 B2
Patents pending in Canada, Europe, and China