How traditional needles are made:

  1. Steel is made into wire.
  2. The wire is straightened and cut to pieces equal to the
    length of 2 needles.
  3. Points are ground onto each end of these pieces.
  4. Two holes are stamped in the middle of the wire to make
    two eyes.
  5. The two needles are separated.
  6. The eyes are cleaned in a process known as cheeking.
  7. The needles are then hardened and  tempered.
  8. Burrs are removed and the needles are polished.
  9. The needles are then plated in nickel to prevent rusting
    and make them shiny and smooth.
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How Spiral eye needles are made
Sorry, that's a secret. But I will tell you it takes even more
steps and specialized equipment than the traditional needle
making process.

It isn't as simple as just cutting an eye into an existing
needle. The material it is made from, as well as the process
of making it had to be reinvented.
closeup photo of first version of the Spiral Eye sewing needle
Below are closeup pictures of various prototypes for the
Spiral Eye Needle.
early prototype of spiral eye needle
close up of the first working prototype Spiral Eye Needle
needle threading tool

were there so many gadgets
out there to thread a needle,
yet no one stopped to say, wait
a minute, it isn't me that has a
problem, it is the design of the


Bury threads

Cross stitch



Fish baiting

Hand sewing



Lace making


Needle crafts


Paper sewing


Repair snags

Scrap booking

Spiral eye needles are child's play.

Everything in this picture was made using a Spiral Eye Needle.

The Size 4/22 embroidery is the perfect starter needle for younger users. They can punch holes in the shape of the letters of
their name, and then embroider through those same holes with bright colors.

Learning to sew buttons onto a piece of material is a great life skill every child should learn. The size 4/22 needle, will go
through most button holes and basic cotton materials with ease.

The size 4/22 embroidery needle works especially well with wide weave material, like 14 count. Aida, and is able to hold up to
six strands of embroidery floss. (You do have to thread it two or three threads at a time, but the eye will hold six.)

The sock monkey project was done with the size 24 embroidery needle.

Beading necklaces made from noodles or shells is always a good time.

The yarn needle used in the threading bear is a size 13.
Needle threaders are great, if you can find the eye to put the
thin metal wire into it. And if you can keep track of where the
to pull a double piece of thread through it.
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