Photo of Pam Turner hand making sewing needles
Pam Turner, inventor of the side threading needle.

When all I heard was "it can't be done" I decided to
prove them all wrong.

Here I am making needles one at a time with a
piece of wire, a Dremmel and a slow wet grinder.

Notice all those grooves in the grinding wheel
caused by putting points on thousands and
thousands of needles.

Learn more about my story.

The Spiral Eye needle, is made by my manufacturer in Dayton MN. Unity Tool Inc.

It is a small family run business and I can go in at any time and talk to the engineer that manages changes to my design, or
the employee that makes the points and the eyeless needle eye, or the employee that cuts the eyes into them, or the one
that heat treats them, or the person who deburrs them, or the person who inspects them, etc. Every person there takes great
pride in  their responsibility for the product they make for me. The owner, his wife and their son are my main contacts there.
They are very quality focused. I am extremely happy with their work.

Spiral Eye Needles are made from 100% surgical stainless steel and are inspected by the manufacturer and then by me, one
needle at a time. I personally put every needle in the package so I handle every single one. If you get a defective one I am to

The machine needle is actually made using a German made SCHMETZ brand machine needle. I chose them because they
are the highest quality. My manufacturer than puts my patented eye into the SCHMETZ needle. Other companies, including
SCHMETZ, make open eyed machine needles, but those snag or come unthreaded if you sew too fast. The design of my
open eyed machine needle is open below the eye in the point area of the needle which eliminated the snagging and dropping
of the thread. But, again, it costs more because it is a complicated cut into a very small piece of metal and cannot be made
mass produced yet.

I stand behind my Spiral Eye Needle. If you are unhappy, return it and I will refund your money.

Pam Turner
Spiral Eye(R)  
Side Threading Needles  
patent # US 8,151,720 B2
Patents pending in Canada, Europe, and China
Never struggle to thread a needle again!
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compare open eye needles in picture

    What is wrong with the Calyx-eye?

    The Calyx eye (AKA "French Spring eye" or "self threading needle") was
    invented in 1850. It has the opening located at the end of the eye portion of
    the needle.

    This opening in the top of the needle was intended to allow you to thread it.
    It is created by splitting the bridge at the top, which creates rough edges
    that can shred your thread when threading it.

    The original Calyx eye needles only have one eye opening. The two eyes,
    as seen in the picture to the left, is created by putting a bridge under the top
    eye to give it the "spring" to keep it shut when it is threaded.

    The bottom eye is actually not an eye at all, it is a result of putting that
    bridge in. Even with the bridge, the threads come back out when sewing if
    you tug much at all.

What's the difference between the SENCH  and the Spiral Eye Needles?

    The Spiral Eye Needle is
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in a large variety of sizes and types for the serious crafter.
  • Made in small quantities, individually cut, for quality control
  • Made from 100% surgical stainless steel.
  • No nickel plating means no allergic reaction.
  • They will not rust
  • The metal will bend but will not snap and break.
  • Come in just three basic sizes.
  • Intended for casual mending tasks
  • Made in China
  • Mass produced
  • Nickel plated with golden plated eyes

One big difference can be seen. Look at the actual eye of the SENCH needle vs
the Spiral Eye needle. There is a small bump inside the Spiral Eye I call the "stop
bump." It is for several reasons, but most importantly it is there to keep the thread
from coming back out when you sew. It also makes the eye stronger. The SENCH
needles do not have the "stop bump" in the eye, because that reduces the cost of
manufacturing significantly.

samples  of open eye needles
Compare the eyes of these self-threading needles

  1. The original open eyed needle threads from the top. It is also called the
    "self threading" or "French Spring eye" or "Calyx eye"
  2. SENCHTM needles thread on the side of the eye
  3. Spiral Eye(R) Needles thread on the side of the eye.(Made in America)
  4. "One Second Needle"TM, sold by Telebrands, threads on the side of the eye
    and is a licensed version of the "Spiral Eye Needle" It is being discontinued.
Compare the sizes

    Calyx eye needles come
    in a variety of sizes and
    even come in tapestry

    The One Second Needle
    comes in only two sizes,
    one large and one
    small, as pictured.

    SENCH needles
    currently only come in
    three sizes, the pictured
    are the large and the
    small sizes.

    Spiral Eye Needles
    come in over 15 sizes
    and types. Pictured are
    the size 4 and 8, for
    general sewing.