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Close up of the spiral eye side threading needle eye Pam's Original
Spiral Eye side threading needles
Spiral Eye Needles have a unique "slot and
channel" opening on the side of the eye.

The "stop bump" inside of the channel
portion locks the thread inside of the eye.
See video of threading a side threading needle.
  • Made in America

  • 100% stainless steel

  • Hypoallergenic (nickel free)

  • Comes in a wide variety of
    sizes and types

  • This is THE premium
    needle. It is popular with
    those that want American
    made products, are allergic
    to nickel, or who do a lot of
    specialty sewing projects
photo of 3 Spiral Eye side thrading needles in thread
Get this set of the three most popular Spiral Eye Needles.
Sizes 8, 6,and 4 sharp. Perfect for mending, embroidery,
hems and for burying stray threads

Spiral Eye needles come in a wide range of sizes and types of needles.
See a complete list of ALL of the needle sizes available.
Pam's SENCHTM side threading needles
SENCH side threading needle SENCH side threading needles are a simplified
version of the Spiral Eye Needle, making them
less expensive to manufacture. They are the
perfect option for the casual sewing person. If you
just want to put on a button, mend a hem or
embroider a towel...this is the perfect set for you.
    An economical option for those
    who just want to mend or do
    simple embroidery.

    Made in China

    Nickel plated steel with gold eye

    Comes in a set of six needles...
    2 of each size: three sizes...
    8, 6, & 4 sharp

    general mending needles.
Set of 6 SENCH brand needles
See how to thread a side threading needle at YouTube https://youtu.be/tfE1xravgfo
SALE:  SENCH side threading needles:
Buy 2 sets of 6 SENCH needles at regular price and get one set free!
Hypoallergenic sewing needles

Traditional hand sewing needles
(with a traditional closed eye)
Made in America
100% surgical grade

set of 3 stainless steel needles
one size 8 sharp, one size 6 sharp
and one size 4 Milliners.
See all products and sizes available
Pam's side threading machine needles
YES....I have side threading machine needles!
Unlike the existing "handicap" needles, the Spiral Eye's
patented side opening will not come unthreaded as you sew
...no matter how fast you stitch!
photo of side threading sewing machine needle
Spiral Eye side threading
machine needles are sold in
sets of two identical size
80/12 Universal needles.

Perfect for medium weight
projects, like mending and
making quilts.
Go to YouTube to see video of threading a machine needle:
Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors
These clever scissors are smaller than a business
card when folded closed. Made in America.
Stainless steel super sharp blades.

(Note the needles in photo are sold separately. They
are there to show you how small the scissors are.)
Scissors only:
Go to YouTube to see video of scissors
This silver tone case, engraved with
the words: Spiral Eye Needles"
is the perfect way to keep your special
needles separate from the rest.

(Needles are not included.)

Purchase your favorite sizes of Spiral
Eye Needles separately.
Spiral eye (R) fish baiting needles are sharp stainless
steel needles with the patent pending side threading eye.

This allows you to easily slip your fishing line (that is
attached to your rod) into the needle's eye.

You then "sew" the fishing line through the length of the
bait and to remove the needle.

This positions the line to attach the hook at the part of
the minnow that the larger fish is going to bite.

The fish baiting needle can also be used to thread the
eye of your hook if the eye is over .032" in diameter.

It is 6.5" long.

Fly fishermen have used it to capture their line off a
spool with the side threading eye.

Others have used the SE-1 needle to thread their line
through the eye of a painted jig. And the SE-8B beading
needle is popular for making Lindy Rigs. see the
bait set using a fish baiting needle
The Spiral Eye Needle logo and name are registered to PST Innovations, LLC.
The SENCH Needle logo and name are owned by or registered to PST
Innovations, LLC

PST Innovations LLC
P.O. Box 490605 Blaine, MN 55449
Spiral Eye Needles
Never struggle to thread a needle again!

Patent # US 8,151,720 B2
Patent # Canada 2,755,302
Patent # Europe 2,406,419

Just looking to mend or put on a button?
The MOST POPULAR set of three above has what you need for most situations.
They have sharp points and standard diameters.
SE-8 is the smaller needle.
SE-6 It is the work horse needle and can do the most basic tasks.
SE-4 has a slightly larger opening to the eye for heavier threads, such as button
upholstery threads.

Are you looking for a needle for cross stitch or needle point?
You want a Tapestry needle. This means it has a blunt point and a larger eye.
If using Aida Fabric, the thread count of the Aida is the clue to the needle you need.
8 Ct Aida calls for a size SE-20T  It holds size 5 Perle Cotton.
11 Ct Aida calls for a size SE-22T  It holds size 5 Perle Cotton.
14 Ct Aida calls for a size SE-24T  It holds size 8 Perle Cotton.
16 Ct Aida calls for a size SE-26T. It holds size 12 Perle Cotton.
If you are doing a project with craft yarn on plastic grid, you want the SE-13T

Are you looking for a sharp needle to embroider with Perle Cotton thread?
If you work with two or three strands of Embroidery Floss, you can use any of the
Perle Cotton size 8 will fit in the SE-24C and the SE-22C.
The SE-24C is popular for people who want a sturdy needle for burying threads.
The SE-24C is also good for doing Redwork and projects that use metallic threads.
The SE-24C can also hold up to 6 strands of Embroidery Floss.
The SE-22 is good for doing French Knots in 11 Ct Aida.

Perle Cotton size 5 will fit with the SE-20C and SE-18C.
The SE-20C is smaller than the SE18-C.
If you want a needle to make the smallest hole but hold the size 5 Perle Cotton,
go with the SE-20C
The SE-18-C is popular for working on canvas projects. It is a large needle but
not as large as the SE-13C (which is big enough for 4 ply craft yarn).

Quilters have special needles.
The SE-8Q is similar in size to a 9 Between. Because of the open eye design,
doing the rocking quilt stitch is not recommended with my needles.
TheSE-8 is great for doing piecing sewing on bindings and putting in hems.
The SE-6 does most any task. Quilters like it for the same things as the SE-8 as
well as for general mending.
The SE-24C is perfect for burying threads. It is also great for basting with Perle
Cotton size 8.
Compare Open Eye Needles
Compare the eyes of these self-
threading needles

  1. The original open eyed needle
    threads from the top. It is also
    called the "self threading" or
    "French Spring eye" or "Calyx
  2. SENCHTM needles thread on the
    side of the eye
  3. Spiral Eye(R) Needles thread on
    the side of the eye.(Made in
  4. "One Second Needle"TM, sold by
    Telebrands, threads on the side
    of the eye and is a licensed
    version of the "Spiral Eye Needle"
    It is being discontinued.

Compare the sizes

    Calyx eye needles come in a
    variety of sizes and even come in
    tapestry points.

    The One Second Needle comes
    in only two sizes, one large and
    one small.

    SENCH needles currently only
    come in three sizes.

    Spiral Eye Needles come in over
    15 sizes and types.

What is wrong with the Calyx-eye?

    The Calyx eye (AKA "French
    Spring eye" or "self threading
    needle") was invented in 1850. It
    has the opening located at the
    end of the eye portion of the

    This opening in the top of the
    needle was intended to allow you
    to thread it. It is created by
    splitting the bridge at the top,
    which creates rough edges that
    can shred your thread when
    threading it.

    The original Calyx eye needles
    only have one eye opening. The
    two eyes, as seen in the picture to
    the left, is created by putting a
    bridge under the top eye to give it
    the "spring" to keep it shut when
    it is threaded.

    The bottom eye is actually not an
    eye at all, it is a result of putting
    that bridge in. Even with the
    bridge, the threads come back
    out when sewing if you tug much
    at all.
One Second Needles by As Seen n TV
Calyx Eye Needles
SENCH Needles
Spiral Eye Needles

SENCH  and the Spiral Eye Needles?

    The Spiral Eye Needle is
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in a large variety of sizes and
    types for the serious crafter.
  • Made in small quantities, individually
    cut, for quality control
  • Made from 100% surgical stainless
  • No nickel plating means no allergic
  • They will not rust
  • The metal will bend but will not snap
    and break.
  • Come in just three basic sizes.
  • Intended for casual mending tasks
  • Made in China
  • Mass produced
  • Nickel plated with golden plated eyes

One big difference can be seen. Look at
the actual eye of the SENCH needle vs the
Spiral Eye needle. There is a small bump
inside the Spiral Eye I call the "stop
bump." It is there for several reasons, but
most importantly it is there to keep the
thread from coming back out when you
sew. It also makes the eye stronger.

The SENCH needles do not have the "stop
bump" in the eye, because that reduces
the cost of manufacturing significantly.  
They rarely do come unthreaded, and if so
are easy to rethread...But the stop bump in
the Spiral Eye Needle locks the thread

Tomato pincushion with pins and needles